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Best WordPress Hosting Provider


Today we are going to help you find the best WordPress hosting provider for your personal blog or business sites. We have picked a few providers to introduce. We hope that you will be able to find the best one from the list quite easily. Because each and every provider from the list below has some specialties and positive sides. Here is the list below to help you find the best wrodpress hosting for your sites.

Best WordPress Hosting 2018

Bluehost (

Currently, this is the best Wordbluehost-wordpress-hosting-reviewPress hosting provider for several reasons. We are showing bluehost WordPress hosting review at the very first for few reasons. The main reason why we chose this product at the very first is the price. The price is pretty much reasonable. If you are looking for cheapest wordpress hosting, then Bluehost might not be the perfect one for you. Though the premium package is not cheap at all, we chose it mainly because of the better performance at a good range. This hosting service provider will be perfect for your personal sites or blogs. Currently, this provider is hosting more than two million sites. This provider is a part of EIG. The EIG also owns HostGator which is also a renowned name.  With strong uptime and load time feature, this provider stands at the top position. The premium feature of it is worth buying. They will execute your money perfectly. The company doesn’t commit anything impossible or wrong. It does the job perfectly. The company also takes a very good care of each customer.

  • Best choice for those persons who want to use wordpress for making their own sites.
  • Their “Customer Support” is satisfying.
  • Provides strong uptime and load time.
  • Costly than similar ones.



HostGator (

hostgator-hosting-reviewHostGator managed wordpress hosting review is our second choice that can help you. HostGator provider company promises to provide you with faster dashboard than other companies. This provider can also ensure the security fact. So, you and your site can stay safe and work better than other people. This provider is able to provide many friendly and useful features. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to seek help from this provider for personal blogs or business websites and blogs. This provider will surely help your site to perform better. This secure hosting platform can help you achieve your goals using your websites. This provider allows you to customize your site quite easily. Some built-in parts will help you to decorate your blog to look attractive. The company also promises you to give you support every time. You can surely get help from the company if you face any sort of trouble. The uptime rate is also quite fascinating. If you are looking for best wordpress hosting 2018, then you can try this provider for your next online task. You will get a free malware detection feature for your site’s security.

  • Free site migration facility.
  • Capable of handling more than 100000 visitors every month.
  • Will not cover domain hosting fees.



SiteGround (

siteground-hosting-reviewIt is the most famous provider company available. We are now showing siteground wordpress hosting review to know about this provider. You can easily rely on this provider. The provider will help you to rank your site perfectly. Choosing them will help you to achieve your goals using your website and blogs. The provider will be providing you with maximum numbers of features. The prices of their plans are quite reasonable. They can help your site to become speedy and smooth. The main reason we are considering this provider company as the number one is their unique features. You will be amazed when you get maximum numbers of the facility in just one package. The provider also behaves friendly with the users. They will be there all the time to solve your problems using their plans. You can talk to the staffs in live chats to solve your problems. If you are going to have a site for business purpose then you can surely try them to become successful in your online business. This company also offers free transfer from existing sites to save your money.

  • Provides many friendly features.
  • Gives a large number of discounts on WPBeginner readers.
  • The automatic upgrade included with packages.
  • GoGeek plan is more expansive than they should be.



DreamHost (

dreamhost-hosting-reviewThis provider truly commits to give you a website or blog faster, smooth and catchy. That is why we decided to show the dreamhost wordpress review now. This company has started their journey almost two decades ago. They are still on the top list only because of their support to the customer community. Multi-factor authentication is one of the most useful services they provide. This facility ensures the security fact completely. The uptime rate of this provider is fabulous. With the uptime rate of more than 99 percent, the hosting site has earned a place in our list. The provider also gives some facilities that will help you to run your business on the internet safely. You will get the longest money back guarantee from this hosting site. As the price of this site is quite more than the common price, you will have a chance to test this provider before purchasing any packages.  They also behave pretty much supportive with their buyers too.

  • Trustworthy behavior is shown all the time.
  • One of the most reliable hosting providers. Helps to keep your websites secure.
  • Satisfying uptime rate.
  • Quite expansive according to most of the users.
  • Suffered from DDOS attack.


Inmotion (

inmotion-hosting-reviewWe wanted to show you inmotion wordpress hosting review for some reasons. No other wordpress hosting provider can be as friendly as this one. With some unlimited features, this provider can easily help you to run your site successfully. We want to tell you earlier that this hosting provider is not fast like other famous providers. But still, this hosting provider can help you in different ways. The uptime rate recently touches the satisfactory level of customers. Customers are happy and don’t have many complaints about this provider company. Their pricing is logical enough. The company will sometimes give you a discount on many packages. So, there’s a chance for you to grab a great deal from this wordpress hosting provider. Though the company is not too old, it still is a competitor to other provider companies. The technical support has won an award for the great service. The provider company will be always there for you to help you with any problem related to your sites. This hosting is an ideal choice for active bloggers mainly.

  • Great average uptime.
  • Good customer support ensured.
  • Provides you with satisfying service at a reasonable price.
  • No instant account access facility is available for the users.



A2 Hosting (

a2-hosting-reviewThe a2 hosting wordpress review is our sixth choice. A2 Hosting is one of the most successful hosting providers which provides with unlimited bandwidth facility. The speed this provider produces is awesome. It is a new competitor for the best wordpress hosting providers. This company claims to be several times faster than other ones. As their service is great, people are now showing an interest in this company. This provider doesn’t make visitors wait for page’s loading. Because of this, many website owners now prefer this hosting provider for any type of website or blog. This provider will work great to bring improvement in your online business. Caching system provided by this company makes the visitors comfortable browsing the website. They don’t have to give their information every time they enter the site. A recent survey says the company’s uptime has fallen a little bit. But still, they are pretty much satisfying. This hosting provider has a great customer support system. The provider is always there for you whenever you need. The company makes sure you don’t get disappointed by purchasing their services.

  • One of the fastest hosting providers available.
  • 24 hours customer support every day.
  • Provides instant page loading speed.
  • Average Uptime dropped recently.



iPage (

ipage-hosting-reviewThis provider has made a record of serving almost one million websites successfully. That is why the ipage wordpress hosting review has got a place in our list. The average uptime is great. You will surely get advantages when this company is hosting your business website or blog. The loading time though is not the best. But still, the loading time is satisfying enough. Many authors don’t feel their blog or sites to be very fast. They just focus on the uptime and other facts. Deals from this company have longer periods of time. You cannot get out of it quickly if you don’t find the company useful. Many users might not consider this provider as the best one. But the price and the customer support from this company is quite catchy. That is the reason why it has caught our attention. If you are in search of a provider to host your normal sites, then you can contact this company without having any doubt in your mind. There are thousands of free templates available to customize your website. You can use them to give your personal site a different touch.

  • Domain transfer is free of cost.
  • One of the cheapest hosting providers.
  • Not a strong customer support at all.





This one is the best choice in many ways. The main reason we are showing the godaddy wordpress hosting review because it has very few negative sides. GoDaddy has totally impressed all the customers. They behave friendly with every single customer and try to solve their problems as quick as possible. Their customer support is one of the main facts about them which can be taken positively. The average uptime of this company is also quite fascinating. The company can help you run your online business website successfully without any kinds of interruption. This hosting provider is fast. This provider makes your every task quite easy to manage your site. This company is now managing almost 77 million or domains till now. This hosting provider is an ideal choice for managing both commercial and personal sites. You can trust this company without any kinds of fear in your mind. There are several plugins and themes available for you to customize your website or blog. The company has several packages for several types of customers. You can choose your own to make your website more profitable.

  • Great satisfying average uptime all the time.
  • Good customer support helps all the customers to solve any issues as quick as possible.
  • Payment option is not friendly at all.





This provider has got a position on our list only because of the price. The prices of this company’s plans and packages are cheap and affordable for most of the users. So, keeping this fact in mind, we wished to present namecheap wordpress hosting review in front you all. Thought this provider’s price is cheap, they can help you doing business on the internet quite easily. With normal uptime rate, it maintains the standard as a good hosting provider. Every hosting plan of this company is truly reliable. You can depend on this provider. The plans also secure your website from any kinds of issues. You can safely run your business online. This hosting provider is not only for business sites. You can use this provider’s plans for personal blogs too. The company promises you to keep the average uptime rate more than 99.9 percent per month. The provider is capable of providing full redundancy. Its customer support is praised by all. You can discuss any issue with the provider anytime through live chat or call.

  • Solid customer support. The support panel is available all the time to help you.
  • Capable of maintaining a good average uptime rate.
  • Price of the plans is cheap. But many fees are excluded from the plan. So, you might have to pay them yourself.



Hostinger (

hostinger-hosting-reviewWhat facilities do an ideal hosting service provider needs to provide? We all know the answer. Hostinger can provide you with the maximum number of facilities most of the time. Though this provider is unable to produce best, it still can satisfy you in many ways. The customer support is the main positive point about this company. The support panel is always active to solve any kinds of problems regarding their hosting. The wordpress setup system is quite unique and easy too. There is no complication about this matter. The loading speed that this provider produces is totally awesome. Hostinger is capable of protecting your website from any sort of attack. They keep your data safe from bad hands. There is no chance of your data getting corrupted. You can be relaxed when you have purchased any plans from hostinger hosting provider.

  • Easy to setup facility is given.
  • Capable of defending your website from any kinds of attack.
  • Lack of consistent performing.



1) What is actually a Web Hosting?

Answer: A Web Hosting allows any person or group of person to make any type of websites such as blogs, online shops, or business portals visible on the internet.

2) Is Migration Facility important?

Answer: Obviously. You might have to perform site migration anytime for the better result. So, check out this facility before purchasing any plans.

3) What types of websites can be created on WordPress?

Answer: at the very beginning, people used to make personal blogs. Now they are making business sites, online stores on WordPress for earning purpose. So, you can create any type of website using WordPress for earning or charitable purpose.

4) Can a provider be useful for both personal blogs and business sites?

Answer: We already mentioned a few names above that are capable of handling both personal and business sites. You can check them to find your next site’s provider.

Facts to Check before Purchasing Any Hosting Plan

Customer Support

It is the most important fact to check before buying. You can call a provider best only when it has the best customer support panel. Only the good customer support panel can help to solve any problem related to hosting. A good customer support panel will be active all the time to solve a client’s problem as fast as they can. It can even suggest many things apart from hosting to a client so that he can run his site successfully. So, check a provider’s customer support before purchasing any plan.

Average Uptime

Purchase plans from only those providers which can produce average uptime rate more than 99.9 percent. Or else your website will not be that much profitable. Make sure that the provider you have chosen can provide good average uptime rate consistently.

Page Loading Speed

The average speed currently in the hosting industry is around 890 ms. So, it will be a loss to choose a provider for hosting which produces speed below this range. It is a very important matter of concern. Because visitors of your site won’t be satisfied if your site loads slower. They will leave your site instantly. That is why check the page loading speed before making any deal with a provider.

In Fine

Today, we introduced a few hosting providers which can help you run your site. Every provider has some specialty. It mainly depends on you which one is the best wordpress hosting provider for you. So, determine what you are expecting from a provider. Then you can choose the perfect one for your sites.


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