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Top 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Graphic Design

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative means to convey or sell ideas to any audience. Whether creating logos for your business, designing a website for a client, or making posters for an event, the art and the skill remain crucial in today’s digital world.

However, learning graphic design can be tricky because, without guidance, you may end up spending on books, courses, or software that offer little to no help. Fortunately, YouTube provides a free solution to this, and in this article, we’ll share the best YouTube channels to learn graphic design.

1.Adobe Photoshop 

Being the official YouTube channel for Adobe Photoshop, this channel was created to help people learn and become adept at digital imaging using Adobe Photoshop. Offering valuable resources to over 760,000 subscribers, you’re certain to hone your graphic design skills with Adobe Photoshop.

The channel lists various videos that cover a wide range of graphic design topics. These videos teach viewers how to use Photoshop to achieve impressive results, from removing unwanted objects to changing a person’s hair color in Photoshop. Additionally, they keep viewers informed on the latest software features and how to use them.

The channel also showcases interviews and stories from professional graphic designers in various fields. Witnessing the creative process of these photographers, illustrators, and animators is something not to be missed, as it can fast-track your design journey.

2.Will Paterson

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to create striking logos, then this is the channel for you. Will Paterson is a freelance graphic designer and content creator who runs his own YouTube channel. Specializing in logo design and hand lettering, Will has worked with reputable brands and now shares his knowledge to make graphic design easier.

Not only are Will’s videos informative, but they are also entertaining, giving you a glimpse into Will’s creative mind. You can learn how to design logos, gain insight from logo critiques, and even participate in design competitions.

In addition, Will makes creative bite-sized videos to help steer his audience in the right direction to bolster their careers. Will’s YouTube Shorts can range from locating graphic design clients to mastering pen tools for graphic design. You can check out his Behance and Dribble portfolios to see the designs in his arsenal.

3.Design With Canva

Design with Canva is a popular YouTube channel run by Ronny and Diana—two Canva experts and certified educators. This channel helps people learn how to use Canva, an online graphic design platform, to create designs for their business or personal projects.

In their videos, Ronny and Diana share tips, tricks, tutorials, and reviews of Canva features and tools. Furthermore, they cover other design-related topics such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, and video editing.

Their videos offer more than just theoretical knowledge—they provide practical, actionable tips that viewers can use in their projects. Moreover, the channel provides free customizable YouTube channel art templates and a YouTube banner maker with attractive, aesthetic layouts.


The Tutvid YouTube channel is a helpful resource for learning about Adobe software. Nathaniel Dodson, a content creator and graphic designer, hosts the channel with over 1.2 million subscribers.

Nathaniel’s videos cover software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD, and teach viewers how to use these tools for improved designs. The videos suit beginners and advanced users, covering topics like layers, masks, filters, fonts, and other design elements.

Additionally, Tutvid covers the latest features and updates of Adobe software, such as using neural filters or replacing complex skies in Photoshop. Following his videos, you can learn a lot about Adobe software and become a pro.

5.Yes I’m a Designer 

Yes I’m a Designer offers an extensive collection of over 600 free tutorials, making it one of the top graphic design channels available. The channel is led by Martin Perhiniak, a skilled Adobe design instructor with an impressive portfolio, including projects like Cars and Toy Story. Martin has a wealth of knowledge and teaches design principles and best practices from experience as a designer and retoucher.

If you’re interested in the latest generative AI features or vectorizing images in Adobe Illustrator, you’ll find tons of information on this channel.

In addition to the tutorials, the channel provides a website, Yes I’m a Designer, that offers more resources and quizzes to test your knowledge and help you practice what you’ve learned. Upon completion, you can receive certificates for your achievements to boost your credibility and portfolio.

6.Corel Draw 

The CorelDRAW YouTube channel is great for anyone looking to improve their skills with the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. With more than 130,000 subscribers and over 900 videos available, there are numerous resources to help you upskill.

The channel provides diverse tutorials on various topics, including illustration, photo editing, custom CorelDRAW color palettes, and multipage layout. Additionally, you can watch speed drawing videos where skilled designers utilize the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to bring their designs to life.

A series of quick how-to videos show you practical steps to perform simple tasks in a few minutes. Besides design tutorials, you also get videos that show you how to collaborate in CorelDRAW and use it to its maximum functionality.


Dansky is a talented designer, instructor, content creator, and host of an incredible channel dedicated to sharing his vast design knowledge. With more than 850,000 subscribers, this channel is one of the best resources for learning graphic design.

Dansky covers a wide range of design applications, including Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe XD, and After Effects. Additionally, he offers a series where he reviews his subscribers’ design work, providing constructive feedback and useful tips. This lets you examine your design with a skilled professional and get helpful tips for improvement.

Overall, Dansky’s videos are informative and engaging, providing an interactive learning experience.

8.Affinity Revolution 

If you’re interested in using Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, or Affinity Publisher, the Affinity Revolution YouTube channel is an excellent resource. Ally, the channel’s creator, has been sharing her expertise in using these powerful and affordable programs since 2016. With a degree in education and a passion for creativity, Ally has helped thousands of people learn how to use Affinity software.

You can watch her Affinity Photo tutorials to learn how to remove backgrounds, tweak color grades, and make perfect selections. You can also follow her Affinity Designer and Publisher tutorials to expand your skills even further.

9.Gareth David Studio 

Gareth David Studio is a YouTube channel with videos that motivate and teach graphic design enthusiasts. It is managed by Gareth David, a professional graphic designer, logo, and visual brand specialist with over 14 years of experience in the industry.

The channel features a range of series and courses, including logo design, poster design, and brand identity. Additionally, it has a resource library that includes downloadable files and links to helpful websites and books for your perusal and further knowledge.

Moreover, its beginner’s guide and design Q&A sections offer insight into basic graphics design concepts and popular questions. With these videos, you can develop a solid foundation in design and chart your path more easily.

10.Satori Graphics

Tom Cargill is a UK-based graphic designer and illustrator who runs Satori Graphics, a channel dedicated to teaching graphic design. With an impressive 1.2 million subscribers and over 71 million views, Satori Graphics is one of the leading channels for learning graphic design.

The channel offers a variety of series and courses, such as the logo design process. This popular series guides learners through the process of creating logos for different clients with diverse needs. Additionally, the typography design series showcases the creation of various typography designs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Learn From Professionals in the Design Industry

Learning from professionals and observing their design process is one of the best ways to grow as a graphic designer. Luckily, several online resources and courses are dedicated to graphic design, and YouTube is a good place to begin your journey. Keep learning and sharpening your skills, and you’ll become a pro in no time.

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