Top 10 Best WordPress Themes Review 2019

  • Top 10 Best WordPress Themes Review 2019


    If you are after the most popular and best WordPress themes that you can apply to your next website, we have come up with this collection of the top ten WordPress themes that will help you in deciding.

    Many newbies in the digital world today rely on WordPRess to get their website up and running in a simple manner yet using the best WordPress themes that are available out there. However, there are so many themes to select from, you can easily get confused and choose rather the wrong one that does not meet your website requirement.

    In our collection below, you’ll find the top ten WordPress themes, why they are popular and what are their features that can benefit your website and draw the right traffic to it. Take a look at these themes now.

    01. Avada


    The WordPress theme called ‘Avada’ is indeed the best-selling theme from WordPress and all all-time favorite. Regardless of the type of website you need (a blog site, a news site, an e-commerce, site, etc.), Avada can do wodners to your WordPress site. Avada is one of the premium themes from WordPress and it is so popular that more than 80,000 websites have been developed on this theme.

    This theme is packed wit options and settings that you can apply to your WordPress website. Not just that, Avada comes with a big library of pre-built demos that you can easily choose from without getting into the hassle of starting something from scratch. These pre-built demos comprise many categories such as business, gym, fashion, café, photography, travel and e-commerce demos, so there’s something for each type of website that you may need.

    Not just that, even if you select from a pre-built demo, you can use the Fusion Builder tool to customise the theme so your does not look the same as another website that is built on the same pre-built demo. Using the Builder tool, you can also create your own page layouts and use the wide range of elements available in the Avada theme to further add your personal touch and style to your website. Some of these elements include pricing tables, testimonials, alert messages, and flip boxes, etc. In fact, Avada offers so much customization and is so multi-purpose that it is the best choice for any type of project.


    02. Divi


    Divi is a truly flagship WordPRess theme that can help you build any type of website with style and flair. Using this theme, you can create your website with custom designs from scratch that too without needing much technical skills.

    The pre-built library comprising page designs in Divi is always growing so you can get to a great layout that matches your website purpose. These in-built templates include multiple home page design options and other standard pages such as contact us, about us, landing pages, etc. If the reason why you are looking at WordPRess is because you need a fully functional ecommerce website, Divi is one of the best WordPress themes to choose from as it offers full ecommerce support throughout.

    One of the best things about the Divi WordPRess theme is its integrated Divi Builder, which is extremely easy to use with its drag-and-drop functionality. Using this builder, you can customise the layouts of your website by simply dragging and dropping elemetns on to a page. You can further add a variety of modeules to your page to make your website stand out from the rest. Another fearure of the Divi theme is that it lest you split test your website and its components so you know what is working with your customers and what is not, so you can optimise your website to deliver the best results. Users of this theme rightly say that sky is the limit when you’re building yoru website using Divi.

    03. Monstroid2


    Another popular theme to choose from in the WordPress world is called Monstroid2. This theme offers gorgeous designs with a plethora of useful features that youcan further add to your website.

    Using Monstroid2, you can choose from nine different design options for your new WordPress qwesite or to upgrade an existing wordpress website that is not quite solving its purpose. This theme is so universal that it provides design skins to suit a range of websites such as colourful, creative, corporate and neutral. Whatever your business and website need is, Monstroid2 can surely meet that need with its variety.

    You can also choose from a diverse set of headers and footers, so you can leave a mark on your customers when they enter your website and see the top section, and when they leave the site after seeing the footer. All you need to do is choose a layout option that you like and then personalise it further by adding your contact details, address, working hours, etc.

    Monstroid2 offers crispy clean designs that you can work with along with intuitive navigation and bulletproof layout consistency so your web pages look and feel like they belong to one website and business. This theme is so easy to use that you do not need any coding skills to use the templates and design layouts that Monstroid2 has to offer.


    04. BeTheme


    The BeTheme is one of the most popular responsive multi-purpose themes from WordPress. It is also one of the biggest WordPress themes with over 260 options and vairations tha you can use and launch on your website with just a single click.

    The BeTheme is responsive, so it works very well for you rwebsite on all devices – mobile, tablets and desktops. At the same time, it is fast-loading, beautiful and highly customisable. You can also benefit from the lifetime support that Wordproess offers you, so you can brainstorm your ideas and problem solve quickly.

    BeTheme includes 44 demos ranging from basic blogging and spa websites to online portfolios. For less than a $60, you will be surprised with the ton of features this theme has to offer – a five-to-six column layout, the Load more functionality, the dual sidebar feature and a big collection of icons to choose from. Using BeTheme, you can also derive a child theme from it that takes its key features from the parent theme but is highly customised to meet yoru website requirwements.


    05. Enfold


    Enfold is another and a very popular theme from WordPress that you can use without much prior technical and coding knowledge. It is a top seller theme that offers an extremely easy-to-use and responsive interface design along with a very accessible theme editor to customise it.

    If creating a perfect website is on your agenda, go for the Enfold theme and use its exceptional drag-and-drop template builder to create your personalised website in less than 2 minutes. The Enfold theme is multipurpose and very affordable for only $59. Using the visual designer, you can edit your web pages without any technical skills and keep your pages clutter-free. You can also use all the cool modules and elements that come with the Enfold theme to further add that personal touch to your website and make it your own.

    06. Bridge


    Since the time it was launched, Bridge has been a very popular wordpress theme and loved by many wordpress users for its simplicity and charm. Its latest upgrade includes more than 145 demos that come loaded with features. With such a big library of pre-built demos to choose from, no matter what business you have or the type of website you want to build, you’ll find a suitale demo from the pre-built library.

    Using the Bridge theme, as the name suggests, you can connect two or three pre-built demos to create a personalised website that reflects upon a few demos from the theme rather than copying one demo fully. This cool feature lets you make a bespoke weordpress website that will be unique and personlaised for you. The theme comes with a powerful visual composer plugin that you can use to modify any of the existing demos or create one from scratch to match your requriements and your website need. If creating a professional website is on your agenda, the Bridge theme from WordPress is your best bet.

    07. X-theme


    The X-theme is the most common wordpress theme that people use for thwir blogging websites built on wordpress. Using this theme, you can virtually achieve any look and feel you want on your website with its innumerable stacks that are available for you to choose from. With just one click of the mouse, you can choose from many unique designs available under four stacks. There are more stacks in development, but the four that are available will provide you with ample variety that you will not look around for mor.

    If you’re looking for a business website with a great all-purpose design, the X-theme from wordpress should be your first choice. Its designs work really well for most businesses – whether professional or creative. Extremely clean layouts and interface designs make the website look elegant and fresh but not too flashy at the same time. You can choose from a number of design reflect your style and suit your personality.

    08. Jupiter


    Jupiter is a multi-purpose theme from wordpress that you can use to suit a vareity of websites. Multi-purpose means that the Jupiter theme is built to suit your business and website – no matter which industry you are or whether you are an individual looking to start your own blogging website.

    Jupiter comprises a large number of features that offer the ease and the flexibility that you as the admin of yoru wordpress website will need. It is a premium theme from WordPress and comes with a huge range of design templates that you can choose from. These templates are pre-installed and pre-built so you can start using them right away without doing any extra work. All you need to do is to chosoe a template that you think closely matches your website need and jkust apply it on to your website with just a few cliekcs – it is that simple. He admin panel in Jupiter is very user fiwndly, so you ca interact with its and use it to tweak your website without much coding or technical knowledge.

    Jupiter is the only wordpress theme that is fully compatible with WooCommerce – the first commerce platform for wordpress website. So if your aim is to build an ecommerce website on wordpress, you will never go worng with the Jupiter theme.

    09. Salient


    The Salient theme from wordpress is used to build creative websites that offer a number of home page options to allow you to build an ecommerce website, a business website, an online portfolio or a simple blogging website.

    The Salient themes is one of the most sold themes at wordpress because of its simple and easy to use interface and a plethora of pre-built design templates to choose from. This theme includes a great functionality to build web pages and customise them further using the theme’s visual composer. This theme also works very well with WooCommerce, so it can be another theme to consider if your intend is to build an ecommerce website and have a cart functionality on your wordpress website.

    10. Ascendio


    The Ascendio wordpress theme is most suited for trades, businesses and corporate websites. It offers an extremely lightweight , customisable and responsive interface that ca suit a number fo business needs and requirements. It is also very responsive, so yoru customers can easily access your website at any device – mobile, tablets or desktops.

    The theme offers an advanced admin panel and a rich user interface that you can use to customise yoru website and make it stand apart from other wordpress websites built on the Ascendio theme. Yoou can chosoe from moree than 25 content modules using the powerful page builder functionality that also helps in considering multiple layout options.

    Some of the other fetures of the Ascendio wordpress theme are its four different types of home page options, its rich page builder, three header and three footer options and a live customsier among others.


    This collection of the top ten wordpress themes to chosoe from will surely help you in decising the best theme for your business and how you can build a unique and useful website with the wordpress theme of your choice.

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