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Mabry Pro Font Free Download

Mabry Pro Font Free Download

Mabry Pro is a modern sans-serif typeface designed by Jeremy Dooley of Insigne Design. It was first released in 2015 and has since become a popular choice for both print and digital design projects.

Mabry Pro is characterized by its clean and geometric design, with an emphasis on clarity and readability. The letterforms are simple and streamlined, with subtle curves and angles that give the typeface a contemporary and elegant feel. The font also features a range of weights and styles, including regular, italic, bold, and light, which makes it a versatile choice for a variety of design applications.

One of the most distinctive features of Mabry Pro is its lowercase “a”, which has a unique double-story design that sets it apart from other sans-serif typefaces. The font also has a large x-height, which makes it highly legible and easy to read at smaller sizes.

Mabry Pro is an excellent choice for branding and identity projects, as well as editorial design, packaging, and web design. It is a highly versatile font that can be used for both headlines and body text, and its range of weights and styles allows designers to create a range of different looks and moods with just one typeface.

In summary, Mabry Pro is a versatile and modern sans-serif typeface with a clean and geometric design, a large x-height, and a unique double-story “a” in its lowercase letters. It is a popular choice for a range of design applications, including branding, editorial design, and web design.

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Fonts Include In This ZIP File:

  • Mabry Pro Light
  • Mabry Pro Light Italic
  • Mabry Pro Regular
  • Mabry Pro Italic
  • Mabry Pro Medium
  • Mabry Pro Medium Italic
  • Mabry Pro Bold
  • Mabry Pro Bold Italic
  • Mabry Pro Black
  • Mabry Pro Balck Italic
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Mabry Pro Font Free Download